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This species is a closed species, owned by me! You're not allowed to copy them or use them without written permission!
I don't own the concept of bunny ears or tails, but I own, what I thought about them and what I made with them.

Basic information

Name: Halaruh (alrruh = spirit/soul, hala = aura)

Human name: Auraspirits, Soulspirits, Hal (more of a slang word), Bunnies (because of their ears, more of an insult to them)

Species owner: Julia a.k.a. Hitsuji--chan

Lifespan: Their aging process is similar to the one from humans.

Height: Even in those matters they are similar to humans.

Males (~170 cm - ~200 cm), Females (~160 cm - ~180 cm)


The Auraspirits are a highly empathic species. They are capable, even more than we humans do, to feel the emotions of those around them and to see the aura of every living thing. They can't read the minds from those around him, but they can literally read the feelings or feel them. If they feel the, they don't feel them as their own feelings, because they can sepearte them. It's said, that every Auraspirit has one aura, that fits perfectly to it's own. For the case, that those two individuals meet, the Auraspirit will in instantly bond with this individual. From this point of time, the Auraspirit will follow the orders of their "master", as they tend to call the person like that, and serve this one. It not necessarily has something to do with love, just with the conection of the souls, which most humans aren't aware of. Some auraspirits can manifest their Auras to defend themselves. In this state even the human eye is capable of seeing the aura.

Species characteristics

Positive: peaceful - polite - curious - friendly - empathic - affectionate

Negative: docile - naive - sensible - empathic

The Auraspirits are a really peacful race, manly because of their abilitie, to feel how others around them feel. Due to this, adn the fact that they are a rather docile race, they, sadly, make good slaves, but the government tries to protect them and their cities.


The Auraspirits are humanoid in appearence, with some major differences. The have long, rabbit-like, floppy ears, which usually have a smilar color like their hair. Despite that, the inner ear can have any other color. They also have a long tail which ends in a kind of tassle. Short ears, like the last one, are pretty rare and considered as "defect".
Ears by Hitsuji--chan

They usually have pastel colored hair and the color of the tassel on their tails is nearly always the same color as their hair color.
Bunny Boy Race by Hitsuji--chan
Their eyes can have any color, but tend to be brighter too. They always have two eye colors, one main color, like for example blue, and one different color, which surrounds the pupil like a ring, like for example purple. Most of them have pretty thick and long eyelashes.
Eye by Hitsuji--chan

Auraspirits have hard and sharp nails, which they can use to defend themselves and tiny little sharp fangs.
Mouth by Hitsuji--chan

Poor eyesight is rather common for them, simce they see things in genreal a bit different as we humans do.

Traditionally their wear oriantal inspired clothing, but those who live among humans, prefer to wear human clothes.
Bunny Boy Race 2 by Hitsuji--chan


The Auraspirits nearly eat everything humans eat, but most of them prefer a healthy diet with less meat and more vegetables and fruits. Nevertheless most of them seem to have a week spot for candys.

Where do Auraspirits live?

They are various cities, but many of them live among humans. One man even started a project on his private school, where an entire class of them joined his school.

Character and species belong to Hitsuji--chan 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello everyone!

My Name is Hitsuji-chan! :3
Thanks for visiting my page. (^-^)b

I'm from germany, so excuse me, if I write something wrong in english, but I'm trying my best. ^-^

I'm very interested in japanese stuff, like japanese music, manga/anime and cosplay.
But that's not all.
What I like about Japan too is it's past. I mean Samurai and the edo period.

I'm also very interested in mythology creatures for example:
The merfolk, Elves (Drow), Naga, Centaur, Faun/Satyr, Selkie, Fairys, Kirin, Nine tailed fox, Tengu, Angel, Vampires, Incubus, Yokai, Demons (Oni).
And of course, Aliens~ xD

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