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Helaku - Alternative clothing by Hitsuji--chan
Helaku - Alternative clothing
Yep, I wanted to make him an alternative outfit with a bag where he stores different stuff and and with this awesome gypsy headscarf. It's actually the same shawl he wears around his waist. x3

Follow this link to get to his prompt sheet:

Caeli are a closed species owned by Suntail812 and Ahalteke

Character is mine, don't copy him! °^°
Helaku - prompt sheet by Hitsuji--chan
Helaku - prompt sheet
I always was interested in designing my own Caeli and asked Suntail812 if I could do so. Normally there are only MYO slots where you can design your own Caeli but after a few weeks she asked me if I'm still interested in desinign my own Caeli. I said yes and got the permission to do so and of course paid her. ^-^
And I'm so happy I finished him today. I sat around three days on the coloring of his furr, because I never found one that  satisfied me. Well, obviously I did so now.
Here he is. The most, at least I think so, uncommon Caeli until now. Not from his body features, I guess he's pretty normal in this matter, but from his liefstyle and personality.

"I can't choose just one home, when the whole world is my home. The earth is my bed and the sky my blanket. The stars tell me different storys and I meet many interesting caeli on my journey. That's my life and I enjoy it."

Name: Helaku
60 years (young adult, maybe in human years around 25 to 26 years.)


Rank/occupation: traveller/merchant


Helaku is a real free spirit and that's why he refuses to belong to any existing nests. When he stays somewhere it's only for a short while until he continues his never ending journey. He enjoys wandering even more than flying and knows a big part, much more than a normal Caeli, of the big island they live on. He's also know for being a great merchant who grants special wishes to his costumers. If they want something unusual normal collector won't pick up, he'll get it. He enjoys talking to other Caeli very much and loves to tell storys he picked up on his journey, invented himself or things he experienced, but also to get new storys told, which one he'll spread across the island. Those stories are mainly the only thing he could remember until his death. As for other Caeli he mostly recognize them due to their appearence or the way they smell, beside some really important names like those from the queens. He can also be very charming and enjoys to flirt with female Caelis or in general making compliments, but until now he wasn't really serious about a relationship and he himself thiks that his way of life just don't fit to a relationship.
He's always ready to take part at all kinds of festivals as long as ervybody has fun and a surprisingly good singer, even if his songs tend to be a bit unusual compared to others.

One day he wants to travel across the ocean, becaus ehe thinks that even more wonderful places will await him on the mainland. He says about himself, that he'll only settle down when he's old and can't travel anymore.

Positive: open minded - charming - self-confident - optimistic - sociable - helpful

Negative: stubborn - obstinate - unapproachable (he will instead refuse if you would ask him to stay or take yourself with him) - (alone)


- Tell others storys from his journey/talk to other Caeli in general

- Singing

- Festivals/Celebrating

- meeting new Caeli

- colorful and exotic things

- jewelry

- his freedom to go wherever he wants to

- wandering


- if someone wants to take his freedom away from him

- grey/black or in general boring colored things

- formality

- if he can't travel anymore/to be bound to only one place

- responsibilities (for a nest or a queen)

Follow this link if you want to see his alternative clothing:

A song that kinda fits to him:

Draconem Caeli are a closed species owned by Suntail812 and Ahalteke

Character belongs to me, don't copy him! °^°

Albino milk snake Naga by Hitsuji--chan
Albino milk snake Naga
Yeah, finished another Naga boy! Love 
This time one, that is based on an albino milk snake. Heart 
He lives in the same world (maybe even in the same forest, I don't know yet) as Sharan, my grumpy black Mamba Naga boy.
His name is Ansu which is Hindi (at leats I think it is) and means "ray of ligh". His parents gave him this name, because he was born during the day and the sun was shining. His mother saw his white scales and because of the sunlight they have seemed even brighter, so she gave him this name. And of course he was her cute little Naga boy, who brought light into her life. x3

Like Sharan he got sharp claws, with which he can be surprisingly gentle, and a long, around 30 cm, tongue. He also is a little bit shorter than Sharan. He's around 7 to 8 meters long. His age is something around 19 years.

Like with most, Sharan does not really get along with Ansu. What a surprise. xD
Most of the time Ansu is in a good mood, a bit flirty sometimes and easy to inspire. Sometimes he is a bit cheeky but he has the courage to apologize if he has overdone it, when you know, what I mean. ^-^"
Many other Naga around him are fascinated by his red eyes, because most Naga in his world have a darker sclera and also a bit darker pupil than he has.
He really likes warm milk (Haha, got it? Milk snake! I'm a genius xD) and get's all sleepy when he drinks some. Like a little baby. Cute Emoticon Blushing  

He will meet the girl who was kidnapped by Sharan and is to her a little bit like a little brother, at least from her point of view. From his points he's rather attracted to her which he shows by flirting with her or stroke her somewhere a or stuff like that.

Edit: I removed the stripes on both of his arms, because I think it looks better that way. ^^

Character belongs to me, don't copy him! °^°
Just look at him! Love 

Ning (OC commission) by Batusawa

Isn't he just a cutie and so handsome?! Jeez, I can finally see him in all his cuteness...
Heart Love 
I'm so in love with him! Love 
His name is Ning Zhào, if you haven't already figured it out because of the title... xD
Maybe some Information will follow, maybe not. ^-^

Art belongs to the wonderful Batusawa 
Character is mine, don't copy him! °^°
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Hitsuji--chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! ^^

I'm from germany, so excuse my bad english skills. xP

My Name is Hitsuji-chan! :3

I'm very interested in japanese stuff, like japanese music, Manga/Anime and Cosplay. But that's not all. What I like about Japan too is it's past. I mean Samurai and Ninja and all this. It's so fascinating.

I'm also very interested in mythology creatures for example: The merfolk, Elves (Drow), Naga, Centaur, Faun/Satyr, Selkie, Fairys, Kirin, Nine tailed fox, Tengu, Angel, Vampires, Incubus, Yokai, Demons (Oni).
And of course, Aliens~ xD

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